We specialize in providing the best connectivity solutions to our corporate customers through experience, use of Industry Best Practices, cutting edge technologies and personalized service. We can tailor made a solution to solve your specific needs.

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We provide highly available, reliable networks that allow business to guarantee service, business continuity and achieve their objectives.

Security & IT Services

LUMINET offers IT experts that can deliver quick, efficient and cost effective IT solutions for businesses in Costa Rica.

Open Access Networks

We offer Open Access Fiber Networks. Our solution allows real state owners to integrate high speed fiber optics networks.


Throughout our ( core) network we use mainly CISCO, MIKROTIK as the standard corporate CPE and ICOTERA as the FTTH CPE.


Get 100Mb access while paying for only 10Mb

LUMINET offers a guaranteed access to 100 Mb for our business customers, whether you need 10, 20 or 50 Mb. With LUMINET you receive standard access 100 Mb, while only paying for your reserved bandwidth


You pay only for what you need, but have access to much more when you need to.
When you use more then you reserved, you only pay for what you consume.
Cost efficient, while remaining the highest quality standards in Internet Access.


“Monthly Special “Dark Fiber Unlimited

LUMINET provides Dark Fiber for business that needs to be connected between the Business and Free Zones. LUMINET has connected all the main business centers from Costa Rica. Which makes LUMINET the most ideal and trusted connectivity partner in Costa Rica. In the month June, July, and August we offer special discount rates for all companies that refer to this article


Highest capacity bandwidth between your offices.

You are in control regarding your own traffic.

No interruption, control or any other device then your own.

Speeds up to 10 Gb.!!!


Limited 50% Discount for Cariari Residents!

In the second part of 2015 we are installing FttH in the area of Cariari. For the first 25 pre subscriptions, we offer 50% discount for the duration of 1 year. We offer Voice and Data solutions and in 2016 IP TV as well.Our solution offers you the flexibility to still use your old TV provider, until you decide whether you want to change

Advantages of Fiber to the Home (FttH):

Much faster Internet to all your connected devices in and around your home.

Much higher Internet quality to your Computer, Cell Phone and TV.

The more Internet the cheaper it gets (more is less)!!!.

Voice over IP will safe you and your family a lot of money( ask for the Voice rates).

Ready for the digital future.

LUMINET offers real support 24/ 7.



30% Discount: Wireless Internet Santa Ana!

Any business in the area of Santa Ana & Belén will receive 30% discount on any newly requested Wireless Circuit. Minimum 2 Mb / Max 100 Mb. All our wireless circuits are dedicated, symmetrical, 1:1 guaranteed with an up time of 99.98%

Advantages Dedicated Wireless Internet:

LUMINET offers highest quality Internet via Wireless.

Reliable ( you are always online).

Stable Internet ( always the same quality same speed ).

Economical (!) Get Much more pay much less.